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5G: Platform for a Holographic Metaverse Society

We will witness unprecedented technological progress over the next decade, which will shape life as we know it.

New metaverse-enabling technologies have the potential to improve our personal and professional lives.

The Metaverse will usher in a new digital realm brimming with possibilities, and the network will be crucial to realizing its immense potential.

Multiple Metaverses

Speaking at MWC Barcelona 2022 Chief Strategy and Technology Officer Nishant Batra explains how Nokia is Gearing Up for 6G, and how it will fuse the human, physical and digital worlds and allow us to experience life and work in powerful new ways.

Nishant writes that Nokia has a vision of multiple metaverses not just one.

“We believe there will be many metaverses, each catering to different customers, companies and communities. An entertainment company might build one metaverse for consumers, say a virtual theme park, while maintaining a separate metaverse for its employees where they have the tools to create content.

The potential number of metaverses is staggering, but we see them falling into one of three general categories: the industrial metaverse, the enterprise metaverse and the consumer metaverse.”

During their technology vision and strategy presentation on 9 September 2022, Nishant explained how the network is critical to realizing the enormous range of potential that the Metaverse opens up in the industrial, enterprise and consumer spheres as we approach 2030.

Nokia believe that in the 6G era cognitive systems will anticipate individual and collective intents to plan for actions in the worlds that optimally serve human needs. For that to happen we will need to witness significant advances in artificial intelligence, computing and sensing technologies.

The 6G network will be the essential infrastructure for the integration of these future capabilities.

The consolidation of 5G and emergence of 6G will power the emergence of holographic capabilities and the networking features needed to make such a technology reality.

Mischa Dohler, Chief Architect in Ericsson, discusses the relation to various branches of the metaverse, and the general impact such technology will have on the future of work and social life.


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  • Alessia Magliarditi, ITU Journal and ITU-T Academia Coordinator, International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

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