Metaverse Futures

Visionary insights into where the Metaverse will lead over the coming decades.

Technology Innovation

The building blocks of the Metaverse, including Cloud, AI, Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Best Practices Solution Directory

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Published by the Cloud Experts, the site provides a best practices hub and vendor solutions guide for the adoption of the Metaverse.

Neil Stephenson is credited with inventing the term in his 1992 sci-fi novel Snow Crash, and it’s concept increasingly being brought to life, through early pioneers like Second Life, Roblox, Epic Games and Facebook. We seek out the world’s leading Metaverse thinkers and pioneers and collate their collective vision into a single knowledge base and vendor services directory.

Industry Solutions

How the Metaverse will transform industries from construction through travel.

Partner Network

Our channel network provides a solution collaboration group for Metaverse partners and integrates their offerings throughout the site.


Partner Networking

A private social community and regular schedule of webinars to match and connect partners.

Solution Innovation

A structured methodology to synthesize partner products into innovative new solutions.

Marketing Campaigns

Webinars and content marketing campaigns to promote solutions and generate leads for partners.

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