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Build a Web 3.0 Game with Beamable

Beamable enables Unity developers to easily add Cloud Native Web 3.0 capabilities to their games.

Beamable enables Unity developers to easily add social, commerce and content management features to their games.

The company’s full-stack LiveOps platform for live games is tightly integrated with the Unity 3D engine, enabling game developers to focus on the creativity and differentiation of their products.

The platform offers state of the art Cloud Native architecture and services to build hyper-scale games, including a Private Cloud and Serverless Backend.

Web 3.0 Integration

With Beamable Microservices, game developers can unify all development with game, server, and partner systems under a single language (C#), implementing both off-chain and on-chain assets with a single game server interface and ensuring portability, extensibility, and complete QA/test and deployment control.

As part of the expansion into Web3, Solana Foundation made an investment in Beamable, and Beamable was included as a key element of the Solana GameKit technology stack–intended to accelerate the development of blockchain games built on Solana.

Metaverse Visionary

Beamble is led by Jon Radoff, a self-described ‘metavert‘ and visionary on the evolution of the Metaverse. He publishes a Medium blog where shares key industry insights, such as the role of Digital Collectibles and NFTs in Game Economics.

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