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Creating Faces of the Future: Build AI Avatars With NVIDIA Omniverse ACE

See how ACE’s cloud-native #AI microservices power avatars of all shapes and sizes, from 2D portraits to 3D characters created by partners like Ready Player Me.

NVIDIAOmniverse Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) opens a new world of possibilities for bringing digital avatars to life.

Developers and teams building avatars and virtual assistants can now register to join the early-access program for NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE), a suite of cloud-native AI microservices that make it easier to build and deploy intelligent virtual assistants and digital humans at scale.

Omniverse ACE eases avatar development, delivering the AI building blocks necessary to add intelligence and animation to any avatar, built on virtually any engine and deployed on any cloud. These AI assistants can be designed for organizations across industries, enabling organizations to enhance existing workflows and unlock new business opportunities.

ACE is one of several generative AI applications that will help creators accelerate the development of 3D worlds and the metaverse. Members who join the program will receive access to the prerelease versions of NVIDIA’s AI microservices, as well as the tooling and documentation needed to develop cloud-native AI workflows for interactive avatar applications.

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