In a very young industry of Metaverse builders LandVault stands out through their history, depth of expertise, developer team size and client base.

LandVault is the world’s leading metaverse development studio with over 180 employees worldwide, a powerful community of experts, and a leadership team that is always pushing the boundaries of what is possible for the future.

Metaverse Experts

Described as the biggest Metaverse builder Landvault recently merged with a gaming company to boast more than 120 Metaverse developers and artists and $25 million in growth capital.

They provide three primary services of sourcing virtual land, building customized environments, and helping you grow its success. Over 200 builds have been completed and 100m square feet developed, with 12% of the open Metaverse having been built by their team!

Landvault offers a deep domain expertise to call upon. In the feature video CEO Samuel Huber explains Why Virtual Land in the Metaverse Matters, in this one he explains Renting & Owning Land In The Metaverse and in this video How Brands Can Use the Metaverse.

Case Studies

Landvault boasts a multitude of client case studies, such as Mastercard, Dystopunks and the Decentraland Fashion Week.

Their work for Heineken highlights the key dynamics of deciding which Metaverse world to use to build your environment. Alcohol brands need to be careful to not engage with underage consumers, so a platform like Roblox was completely off limits for Heineken.

They wanted to be on a visually mature platform to reflect what the audience would expect from a virtual bar, and so selected Decentraland, complete with a DJ, dancing, and of course the virtual beer. The launch benefited from a substantial Media and PR impact, reaching close to 2 billion impressions through media relations, social media, and influencers.

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