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Entering the Metaverse Will Be As Easy as Popping on a Pair of Shades

When combined with vendor tech like Niantic Labs, the AR glasses from Nreal will open the floodgates to the Real World Metaverse.

As the BBC reports, a pair of augmented reality glasses that emerged as one of the most lauded products of the CES 2020 tech expo has been released in the US.

Nreal, founded in 2017, is dedicated to realizing consumer-facing Mixed Reality (MR) user experiences around the world.

Nreal’s flagship Nreal Light MR glasses are lightweight, comfortable and sport a wide Field of View (FoV). First unveiled at 2019’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nreal Light was unanimously critically acclaimed for its wearability and digital interactions. Nreal was awarded Engadget’s “Best of CES Award” and the first Chinese startup to win this since the award’s inception.

Enter the Real World Metaverse

Given the main impediment to the world of VR is simply the discomfort and clunkiness of the headsets, it’s clear what a major inflection point the popularity of these glasses will come to represent. Entering the Metaverse will be achieved easily just through wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Niantic, inventor of Pokemon Go, has a vision for the Real World Metaverse, and the two combined will provide the foundations for a consumer experience that is both deeply immersive while still also physically comfortable.

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