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Metaverse Unleashed: Landvault CEO on Future of the Metaverse

LandVault CEO Samuel Huber shares his insights on metaverse gaming and the role of artificial intelligence.

Metaverse builder LandVault has teamed up with esports DAO Heroez in a bid to unlock the next generation of esports.

LandVault CEO Samuel Huber discusses the partnership, along with his insights into the outlook for metaverse gaming and the role of artificial intelligence.

Metaverse Unleashed

In a podcast interview with CFTE, an education platform for finance professionals and technologists to thrive in a Fintech world, they explore fascinating insights from Samuel to discover the visionary perspectives on the Metaverse and its transformative potential in various industries.

In this episode, Samuel shares invaluable knowledge on the Metaverse’s main use cases, including marketing, tourism, real estate and many more! Get ready to uncover the exciting opportunities that lie ahead, especially in the UAE, with Dubai serving as a hotspot for Metaverse advancements.

Key Topics Covered:

🔀 Dubai’s opportunities in the Metaverse.
🔐 Unique differentiators of LandVault
📱 Mobile Metaverse: a game-changer.
🚀 Future of storytelling in the Metaverse.

Don’t miss out on this captivating podcast episode where we delve into the engagement potential of AI and VR within the Metaverse and gain insights into the future of the mobile Metaverse and its impact on digital content consumption.


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