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Metaverse Landscape – List of Metaverse World Providers

The fundamental step in your MVaaS (Metaverse as a Service) strategy is selecting which Metaverse world you will use to build your environment.

The fundamental step in your MVaaS (Metaverse as a Service) strategy is selecting which Metaverse world you will use to build your environment.

Metaverse Builders can guide you through the process of identifying which is best for your project, and then customize it to suit your goals and requirements.

Selecting a Metaverse

A number of experts explore this process and what factors can influence your decision:

Steve Glaveski of Collective Campus asks ‘Which Metaverse Should You Build In‘, Valtech offers a guide for ‘Finding the Metaverse Platforms That Suit Your Business‘, DMG on ‘How to select the right Metaverse platform‘ and Sliice writing on Linkedin: ‘Which Metaverse Platform Should You Use for Business?’

Sprout Social and OliverWyman position the process as a branding question.

Each walks through the type of criteria you might expect, such as your business objectives, target audience, preferred device methods and user experience, and pricing structure. There are also more nuanced factors to consider, for example what levels of accessibility do you want to support, or how you might handle sexual harassment. Naturally for corporate brands these are sensitive issues to get right.

There are also quite specific Metaverse environments and tools intended for particular use cases. For example Yuri Milyutin zooms in on the niche of hosting corporate events in the Metaverse, exploring the pros and cons of using options like Microsoft Mesh, Decentraland or Roblox for this activity.

With this in mind we can see there are providers specializing in this niche, such as Procreation and BizzTech’s Tookeo. Reydar also offers virtual events, as part of a suite of tools such as virtual stores and 3D web products.

Metaverse Worlds List

Metaverse Cost  Key Use Cases and Capabilities
  • Roblox is a popular online game platform for kids and adults, with games built by other users and are accessible to anyone. One of the most unique features of this platform is the ability to dress up your avatar with accessories from real-world brands such as Burberry, or Nike.
  • Spatial is an augmented and virtual reality platform that brings collaboration to life. It lets users interact with one another in virtual rooms using VR headsets, mobile devices, or desktops.
  • Host conferences, play games, and trade virtual products in marketplaces.
  • Stageverse is available on Oculus Quest, iOS and Android devices. Just visit your app store to download. Stageverse is a social VR platform featuring virtual venues, interactive experiences, and digital content.
The Sandbox
  • Sandbox is the name of a blockchain-based game and metaverse world in which you can buy, sell, and trade virtual plots of land, built on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Virtual Events, such as Forbes.
  • Offers a 3D scanning technology that reconstructs real-world objects into virtual versions. In turn, these virtual objects can be used in multiple ways, such as teaching, training, and entertainment.
Star Atlas
  • Next-generation gaming metaverse. It is created from the convergence of blockchain, real-time visuals, multiplayer video games, and the Solana blockchain platform.
Avanti’s World
  • Education. Styled and structured as a theme park Avanti’s World is split into lands, with various zones and learning scenes for students to explore independently. Every learning scene provides a fully immersive experience where students can discover, investigate and research as if they were there in person.
  • Social Business Networking.
  • Virtual Conferences.
  • Mona spaces are beautiful social worlds for you to collect, show your art, and gather with others.


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