MVaaS - Metaverse as a Service

Metaverse Digital Worlds

Unlimited applications for education, collaboration and customer engagement.

Virtual Events

Virtual workshops, conferences and trade shows.


Virtual world learning environments for schools and colleges.

Augmented Reality

Extend the Metaverse into the real world.

Enterprise Brands

Create virtual worlds to engage consumers in a new and exciting way.

Tailored Solutions

Customize your Metaverse environment in a variety of exciting ways.

Set up your Wallet

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Add your NTFs

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Web based

No downloads needed. Users can join in even via slow Internet connections.

Virtual Collaboration

Features and Capabilities

Photo-Realistic Environments and Spatial Audio, and unique business features such as white boards, presentations, private rooms and real-time webcam sharing.


Our team of Metaverse experts can advise you on the best strategy for your organization.

Michael Gibson

Virtual Events

Karen Goldsmith

Consumer Brands

Andrew Martinez

Blockchain NFTs

Janis Wilson

Bitcoin Developer

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Our blog series provides a showcase of adoption case studies and thought leadership insights.

Second Life – Lessons for the Metaverse

Philip Rosedale, the Founder of Second Life, has been pioneering the concept of the Metaverse for almost 20 years.

Nike’s Metaverse Strategy: Roblox-powered Nikeland, NFTs and Virtual Sneakers

Nike has wholly embraced the Metaverse and NFTs to digitize their business and massively grow sales.

Scottish Schools Pioneering the Eduverse – The Educational Metaverse

Scotland is trailblazing the virtual world future of Education.

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