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The Metaverse Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

In his video Han from WrySci offers probably the simplest definition of the Metaverse: “The Internet on Steroids”.

He zooms in on Fortnite, referencing their $1 billion fundraising to pursue the opportunity.

Han goes on to propose that Fortnite offers one of the most compelling current examples of what the Metaverse may become.

Yes technically it is just a game, but he highlights how it demonstrates the key ingredients notably an avatar-based social community, how it has it’s own virtual currency and even that it has hosted virtual concerts.

He also quite logically suggests that gaming is likely to be one of the first major catalysts and adoption drivers, that then set the foundation for expansion into multiple other applications like commerce. His video demonstrates the breathtaking experience that their Unreal Engine can already achieve.

Another key tool is their Meta Human Creator. It’s commonly believed that the basic unit of interaction within the Metaverse will be our avatars, the futuristic version of our simple username accounts, and so it’s easy to see what role these creator tools will play in enabling our participation.

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