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Zebedee: Integrating Bitcoin into Metaverse Gaming

Zebedee enables developers to infuse their games with a Bitcoin trading system, enhancing it in a variety of innovative ways.

Zebedee offers a complete suite for embedding Bitcoin transactions into games: Infuse and a Developer Dashboard for integrating payments into your game, the Zebedee Wallet, a regular Bitcoin wallet but tailored for gamers, and Bots for Telegram and Discord for payments directly within messaging.

In Sep 2021 they raised a $11.5m series A funding round.

Bitcoin in Gaming

Writing on their Medium blog they explain how Bitcoin in gaming works, providing a comprehensive walk through covering:

  • The Zebedee Wallet enables you to play Bitcoin-powered games and join Bitcoin Esports events like MintGox, send other Zebedee wallet users Bitcoin instantly with zero fees, get a static QR code you can use to collect payments instantly, and easily get your friends into Bitcoin by generating vouchers redeemable in the wallet.
  • Your Zebedee Gamertag is your username in the Zebedee ecosystem, first set up when you install the wallet, enabling you to receive Bitcoin payments via sharing a QR code. This enables you to easily receive earnings from games or direct payments straight into your wallet.
  • The Developer Dashboard gives game developers a powerful tool for fusing game mechanics with Bitcoin. Through the APIs and SDKs game developers can connect Bitcoin transactions with in-game actions. Read more in the full documentation.

The critical point they emphasize is the obvious one – Integrating Bitcoin alone won’t achieve a magical experience, you still have to create a compelling game. However it’s certainly the case that it enables a set of capabilities that can greatly enhance the game, in particular encouraging much greater level of engagement in a variety of innovate ways.

The Zebedee ecosystem supports anything from playing CS:GO for Bitcoin, to streamers collecting donations while they’re live, to developers making brand new game mechanics that weren’t possible before.

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